Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One of my walking songs

I used to walk around Greenwich village while listening to this song on my walkman. It was so great. It's one of those feel good songs. I also used to listen to it in the clubs when I went also. Very nice song. Good bass too. :-)

One fun song

I still remember this song. It was one of those songs that came out when I was beginning to enjoy my youth. I loved the times when everything was new. I still had many things to get done in my life, but I was happy trying to do them along the way.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day America

Hello. I always hear many stories about all the people that made America. Why can't we talk about our present stories and how we are changing America by individual achievements today. We are all Americans and we can't afford to forget that we make our country and keep it every day. We may not be Soldiers out on the fields or Policemen or PoliceWomen, but we do take part in this country every day. Whether it's cleaning our front door steps or posting messages of hope online. We are all Americans. We are Americans every day. We are not our History books. We make History every day. Let's remember each other now and what we can do tomorrow. Let's always hold arms with one another so that no one can remember us from the past, but from this moment on. Today not Tomorrow. Be kind to one another. We are America.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father’s Day

I have very nice memories of my dad. Sometimes I wish he was still around me, but then again it would take away from the great moments he spent with his other family. My father came into my life again when I was 12 years old.
I learned some very nice qualities about him. He was very hard working and in return I learned a bit about his job. Every time Father’s day comes around I think of my father. He didn’t know how much he meant to me, because when you’re young you don’t know how important parents are in your life. My dad was very special.
We didn’t agree in certain things, but later I grew older and time just went by. Now it’s so late to tell him these words. He made a difference in my life and I learned to grow up as a very strong person. Later on as I grew older my mom told me he was a soldier. I don’t know if he was in wars, but his attitude and his strength showed me he must have went through something.
I hope that on this day others will have their dads and be able to hug, kiss. Time goes by very fast and their time around is so limited. I know that for me is too late since he went back to puerto rico when I was 18. I never saw my father again. It taught me the importance of a parent when he left. When I look in the mirror I try to find things about him.
We had the same likes in funny things. I have the same frames of teeth like his. I like art like he did. I see the same shade of skin like his. I still think of the funny times. My hair is as curly as his. In time I can see that he never left. I can see him and my mother on the mirror every time. Happy Father’s Day to all.

Carol Burnett Show - Star Trek Parody