Monday, October 27, 2014

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Writing and vulnerability

I was reading a post and it shared many things that I thought about. Criticism and Vulnerability. This was my answer to it since I can’t tolerate too many things these days. I personally know my limitations. Sometimes I get very annoyed, but then I stop and think about things. My answer to the post is as follow.
I like your post. I thought about the same thing when I began to publish my work. I didn’t think anyone would read it. Then the sales began to come in. When I see a sale it makes me wonder why did I ever think that no one would read anything I had to say.
I had many doubts at first, but that all went away. I learned that the only fear that keeps anyone from doing things is the fear you put on yourself. I just entered into self publishing with blindfolds. I felt like a horse on his first race.
Lately I’m just posting thoughts that come to mind on forums like these, because sometimes I can’t take the answers people leave behind. I think that some of thoughts of doubts came when I read left over messages. Some were very discouraging and didn’t help at all.
It’s like a cycle the more you write and decide to look back the more uncomfortable you feel. I’m learning to look forward into the future and what my work can do for me instead of the replies of a few.
I did read one section here where allowing yourself to express what you feel on paper can always open the doors for criticism. I don’t care these days for criticism. I just keep on writing and creating more. I have a lot to share and will keep sharing, because I’m able to. If this makes me more vulnerable then I will just keep writing. I’m not stopping here. Why should I.
There is so much more to explore out there in the world of thought. Who would want to stop thinking when the opportunities are endless.