Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reviews on author's work

Lately I'm going around reading on how reviews work and how authors get them. I learned that some cheated to get them. They went on anonymous accounts and made the reviews themselves. This is very different. I find it to be very funny, because here I was thinking about my reviews. Most of them looked very different.
Some of the authors that were getting one star reviews had the same negative reviews like mine. Some authors are saying that those reviews are made from people that are competing to get more readers. I suspected this a long time ago. I could see right through everything. I noticed I couldn't go to one of those forums without reading an argument within each other.
When the arguments get bad they all of a sudden get an anonymous bad review. I don't know why that is. These days all I do is read around when there is some way that I can congratulate anyone for their achievements that's what I do. I never tell anyone anything negative about their work since I personally am very busy writing myself.
I find it very comical reading how things are coming out in the open about reviews that are placed on author's work. I'm learning through reading around. I'm glad that I can research things online about these types of activities. I find it so difficult to believe the extent of some people trying to ruin others by accusations like that.
At least there is still the opportunity to keep writing and publishing work. These reviews don't keep anyone from being an author. That's something good. I'm very glad people still read my work. I'm always grateful for that. I'm working on a sequel to another work that is already out. I will add it here later on. Next month I will publish some more books.
Thanks for reading my work. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

This work

When I wrote this work I thought of writing it in small sections with short details. I got into details that I never thought I would touch. I finished it and made it available into print book as well as an ebook.
Raguel is very merciful. Raguel is such a great angel that observes people’s life’s sufferings and then helps to solve them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun writing it. To read this work please visit:
(ebook) Raguel
(Print Book)  Raguel by Norma Padro  –

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Purpose behind this book

The reason I wrote this book is, because when I was growing up I saw many types of people. The doers and the ones that didn't do anything. Even though there is nothing wrong with doing nothing I found out that it worked for others, but not for those that wanted to make it in the real world. The real world has many obstacles that have to be overcome.
No journey is easy specially the ones of career goals. It takes dedication and motivation to get through every goal. The building of communities are made through out the years. They are planned and then set out for a definite goal. Most empires are built on dreams and determination. It takes hard work to survive in this world. Many know this specially from a very young age. They know that in order to get what they want they must do chores.
In this book I outlined some of the accomplishments of our ancestors through out the centuries. Every struggle is a dream to be achieved. Every achievement was a goal. It takes discipline. This is why I wrote: How to be Self Disciplined
This ebook is 99cents.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Something I was reading about being Rich

I heard a lot of stories about some of the wealthy people on television. Some claimed their wealth on borrowed money. Some claimed they are wealthy on assets. I always wondered about things like these, but didn't really care much about knowing. Since I became a writer I wanted to learn more about other authors and how they were making their wealth. I learned many things about so many of them. Many of them have jobs. It's not like some others that have made it. I'm one of those that have had big dreams. I have achieved many of those goals in achievements. I completed my educational goals, I am the author of over 40 books and 20 something ebooks. Even though I have not achieved that financial freedom I'm very grateful that I'm able to plan for the future. I have acquired wealth in information and education. I'm sure financial success comes slowly. I'm not in a rush. When I see sales of my books that is an achievement of a goal I set before it ever happened. When you recreate your life from scratch it's your own achievement. It's your success and it has nothing to do with money.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Writing and vulnerability

I was reading a post and it shared many things that I thought about. Criticism and Vulnerability. This was my answer to it since I can’t tolerate too many things these days. I personally know my limitations. Sometimes I get very annoyed, but then I stop and think about things. My answer to the post is as follow.
I like your post. I thought about the same thing when I began to publish my work. I didn’t think anyone would read it. Then the sales began to come in. When I see a sale it makes me wonder why did I ever think that no one would read anything I had to say.
I had many doubts at first, but that all went away. I learned that the only fear that keeps anyone from doing things is the fear you put on yourself. I just entered into self publishing with blindfolds. I felt like a horse on his first race.
Lately I’m just posting thoughts that come to mind on forums like these, because sometimes I can’t take the answers people leave behind. I think that some of thoughts of doubts came when I read left over messages. Some were very discouraging and didn’t help at all.
It’s like a cycle the more you write and decide to look back the more uncomfortable you feel. I’m learning to look forward into the future and what my work can do for me instead of the replies of a few.
I did read one section here where allowing yourself to express what you feel on paper can always open the doors for criticism. I don’t care these days for criticism. I just keep on writing and creating more. I have a lot to share and will keep sharing, because I’m able to. If this makes me more vulnerable then I will just keep writing. I’m not stopping here. Why should I.
There is so much more to explore out there in the world of thought. Who would want to stop thinking when the opportunities are endless.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thoughts for today

It's Tuesday. I published my two books yesterday and I'm very happy about that. I had not published my work for a few weeks and I felt so weird not doing that. I'm constantly working on something new and will publish it as time goes by.
I added my new photography work on my blog yesterday, but not my art work. My art work is something that I have been working on for a while. I draw and then color it. It takes a lot of time to do this maybe a few days. I take a break from it so I won't get all tired of it. I don't get bored at all, because there is always something to do. I never run out of things to do.
I go to sleep thinking of what to do the following day and I wake up thinking of what to do next. I don't know if anyone feels this way, but since I began drawing there has been a wave of shapes of all sizes running through my mind. I draw them then I get some new ones flowing again. Once I complete a drawing I get another idea after another and it doesn't stop.
When I began drawing things I didn't know that I could do these types of things. Then as I applied myself to doing them I haven't stopped since. I felt like I couldn't stop. It's like it was trying to come out of my head and finally it was set free. I remember when I was in my art class in elementary school the teacher use to show me many things to do with finger painting and I never thought about doing art things before.
I grew a love for drawing on coloring books and this spiraled a thought of many things while I did that. It took me many years into adulthood to learn that now I can draw things.
This is my new art book.
I'm always looking forward to drawing more things every day. I'm working on another drawing now. It's almost done. I will be gathering some more work soon to publish it soon. I will add links to my new work. Have a great day. :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Art Book 3 by Norma Padro

This is my third art book. It took me a while to put it together. I work very quick with the drawings and the coloring of every character. Little details go into this work. It takes a lot of time. I’m also working on other projects. I’m very busy and still have more to create. I’m so glad I dedicate so much time to these drawings, because I’m able to add little details that I didn’t think could be added. Thanks for viewing my work. Have a great day. Here it is.